Revitalising a leading European private equity firm's brand

Cinven is a leading European private equity firm founded in 1977. We’ve worked with them since 2003 as the producers of their digital communications platform comprising the intranet, secure investor portal and award winning corporate website.

Cinven came to us wanting to once again show leadership in the way private equity firms communicated. To do that, we needed to understand what information users of the website deemed important, and find ways for how to deliver that in a concise yet compelling way. Our solution was to design a website that works with less content yet more dynamic, easier to navigate and with clearer signposting than the others. To achieve a clearer message, we reduced the content by forty percent which proved greater clarity to what remained. We developed the brand collateral to work better online, using new graphical devices and infographics which all help to tell a complex Cinven story and position the Cinven brand.

The result was a revitalised brand and repositioning of Cinven as a firm that is modern and vigorous yet having the breadth of experience and the financial strength to realise their potential, all through a new website.

Visit the Cinven website:

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Cola Herrero-Driver

Senior Consultant

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Managing Director (UK)

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