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VEON's new approach

The international telecommunications company VEON has been a client of Comprend’s for the past 5 years. 18 months ago, we set out on a journey. The destination? A corporate website that would adapt to an evolving telecommunications market and reflect their standing as a digital-first organisation.

It all started with an honest conversation. At this stage, our goal was to find out what was broken: what was stopping VEON’s website from being the best it could be? After a series of engagement workshops we agreed on the content that was essential to telling the VEON story and the elements that would be removed to simplify the company's online identity.

As is the case with many websites, the content was outdated. User journeys were often meandering and the lack of a search function meant that finding relevant content was often a frustrating experience. Alongside poor mobile responsiveness, this made for a high bounce rate. Behind the scenes, an overly complex CMS had also disengaged users and fixed page templates limited creativity. All these issues would need to be addressed by Comprend’s team if the new website was to be successful.

Reorganising content based on expertise and Webranking

Our first task was to work on restructuring the site. Using our expertise in corporate websites and Webranking by Comprend insights, we worked on creating a categorisation system that made sense. In the end, subpages were reorganised, ensuring that the information under each section was relevant and comprehensive. This, along with the introduction of Azure search within the site, simplified navigation and made it easier for users to quickly get to relevant information.

Future-proofing the website

Our next challenge was future-proofing the website. In other words, the CMS would have to be streamlined enough that users would no longer find it intimidating but still flexible, so that they would have the freedom to build pages suited to multiple needs. Our focus was on content elements rather than fixed templates which would limit what could be achieved. This gave VEON the tools they needed to build a website fit for purpose.

Integrated sustainability report

VEON’s 2018 Sustainability Report was produced with this new approach in mind. The fully integrated report allows for people working at the global company to be heard through their VEON Voices - a great way of understanding the company and the culture!

Head on to VEON.com to see the new site in action.

Screenshot from VEON's website

James Handslip

Managing Director (UK)


+44 (0)20 8089 1583

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