September 04, 2015

Take your CSR report to the next level

Producing a CSR report involves significant investment in both time and money. However, as the report presents the company’s economic, …

Producing a CSR report involves significant investment in both time and money. However, as the report presents the company’s economic, environmental, social and governance performance, it contains unique and valuable content. So why not make the content easier to consume and leverage your investment in time and money?

Still, the most common way of digital distribution of the CSR report is by uploading a pdf version on the website. A pdf is, by definition, a digital report. However, the pdf originates from a version made for print and is not produced for the web – at all. So why not make a fully digital report instead, to maximise value for your stakeholders and for your company?

Magnus Backteman; Director, Digital Corporate Reporting


Key benefits of a fully digital CSR report

It’s user-friendly

First of all, a web version gives you a chance to be user-friendly. For instance, a web report can encompass a GRI index that is easy to use and understand; provide notes that appear in the right context; incorporate interactive graphics that allow the reader to compare environmental, social, and financial data over time; and offer the ability to analyse specific key figures, for example by region and country, etc.

It won’t overwhelm

A web version also gives you a chance to divide the report into different layers or levels. Drill down possibilities allow the reader – depending on time, knowledge and interest – to access more data the deeper he/she goes.

It can attract new readers

Using video and infographics, you can make your report more digestible for your reader. And at the same time, with the distribution options of the web, reach and engage new stakeholders and target groups.

It adapts to the device

Another reason for a web solution is the ability to use responsive design, which means that the design adapts layout, text size, content and pictures depending on the size of the screen or device. Ever tried reading a pdf on your mobile? It’s not easy.

It can increase traffic

Finally, a web version of the report could drive more traffic and thereby increase your report and company’s visibility in search engines. It also makes it possible for you to track and monitor who is reading what.


To sum up, if you are looking for a more cost-efficient way of communicating with your target groups, a pdf simply can’t compete with the possibilities of a web version.

For more information about how Comprend works with digital reporting, please contact Magnus Backteman at or +46 761 09 05 59.

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