June 20, 2017

Webranking by Comprend presents this years Web Management report

As the digital presence increases so does the need for internet security. This year’s Web management report shows that the importance of protecting online users has not been forgotten by companies, with 80 % of the listed companies taking preventive security measures across its digital communication channels.

Developing and assuring online privacy protection should be top of companies’ lists as 92 % of our respondents answered that they find it important. More so, last year Google decided to weigh in by marking unencrypted websites as ‘unsafe’ in browsers. One simple step towards avoiding the embarrassment in having your website marked as unsafe is to migrate from http to https - if you haven’t done so yet, now is the time.

The number of companies using social media continues to grow, with 96 % of the listed companies stating that they do so.  Knowing how to successfully steer a company’s different social media channels can be tricky, which our survey confirms. Many participating IR and Web managers stated that they were not completely satisfied with their respective company’s social media presence. We find that setting a purpose and message for each social media channel is important to secure a successful presence. Knowing how to master your tone – when is the time to be funny? When is the time to be serious? -  as well as being honest with the company’s progress are also good examples of how communication through social media is executed successfully.

The continual increase in use of social media as well as the rapidly changing information flow means that content becomes the most important art of digital communication. Having a content strategy is vital. However, our survey shows that only 42 % of the companies we asked actually have one. Although this number is higher than last year, it still leaves room for improvement. Well thought out content published in the right channel means happy customers. 

This year’s Web Management report will provide you with insights and inspiration on how to communicate in a digitalized world where the use of social media increases, content matters more than ever and questions such as how do I promote the use of SEO at my company arises.

To acess the full report, click here.


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