June 29, 2017

Shoot better films using your phone

Almedalen – a festival for politicians and corporates – starts next week in Sweden, and our sister agency Creo will be in attendance, as will Comprend. Whether you’re going there or not, here are some helpful tips Creo have come up with to help you shoot films for social media using your phone.

  1. Keep the phone still while shooting. Let the object move instead.

  2. Use a tripod or self-propeller: there will be a significant difference in stability.

  3. Using a headset microphone will deliver much better sound quality than the built-in microphone.

  4. Avoid "spray filming", i.e. do not try to get everything in one shot. Instead, take several short clips from different angles.

  5. Choose a place with good light e.g. outside or near windows. If possible, use a lamp to avoid backlight!

  6. Vary the angles e.g. close-ups (on objects, people etc) and wide angles (landscapes, places, groups).

  7. Think about the scene you want to take before pressing REC.

  8. Have margins: leave a few seconds at the beginning and end of the clip to make sure you’ve captured it all.

  9. ALWAYS film in landscape if the movie is to be used on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

  10. Good luck, have fun and dare to fail a little bit.


Need some help with your films in Almedalen? Learn more about what Creo can do for you on creo.se/almedalen (in Swedish).


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