October 04, 2017

Get more from your annual report investment

Creating a digital short version of an annual report is a step many companies take to move towards a more digital way of financial communication. A couple of weeks ago we hosted a breakfast seminar on short versions together with our sister agencies Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and Creo.

The number of attendees showed that there is a growing interest in how companies can use their annual report content in different way to reach a bigger audience, and thus get more from their investment.

Why consider a digital short version of your annual report?

  • It is simple, accessible and comprehensive.
  • You can use it as a campaign or rally for the annual report launch.
  • It gets a broader distribution than a PDF version - reaching more and new target groups.
  • It strengthens the brand through digital presence.
  • It allows you to use moving media and to reach the right audience with the right message.

"Let video give and build feeling"
– Niclas Grunewald, Creo.

  • Today's search engines prioritise content in HTML over PDFs, meaning that an HTML page will appear higher in the hit list than a PDF of the annual report.Furthermore, if you create a responsive website, the search engines will serve it even more.
  • Digital information can be measured. With a printed version you don’t know who is reading, what they read, how much etc. But with a digital product you can collect data and get statistics that show how long a visitor stays on a page, what they click on and which parts that are most popular etc.

"Do not guess – measure!"
– Vera Mirchev, Comprend

How to get started

A digital production is simply added to your existing process of creating the annual report. This means that the work will be integrated into the work you already do and thus you will get more value from the content. It is an easy process to incorporate and publish the digital short version in your existing CMSs or through another optional IT provider.

Dometic and Polygon are two of the three clients we helped last year and they have both been nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize, which we think is great fun!

"The page got great reception when we launched. Everyone thought we looked great. Next year we will translate into more languages.”
– Caroline Liedgren, Marketing Manager and Communications Manager
at Polygon Group.

If you missed this event you can watch the filmed material here (Swedish). So, is it time to impress the marketing department with a financial information campaign page?

Contact any of our speakers for further information about digital annual reports. Vera Mirchev, Senior Consultant, at +46 70 971 12 61 or vera.mirchev@comprend.com. Jenny Övrebö, Senior Creative Consultant, at jenny.ovrebo@halvarsson.se. Niclas Grunewald, CEO, at niclas.grunewald@creo.se.d


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