June 22, 2015

The Comprend Capital Market Report 2015

Knowing what information your capital market stakeholders want and need is an important ingredient for creating the best possible corporate …

Knowing what information your capital market stakeholders want and need is an important ingredient for creating the best possible corporate website.

With that in mind, every year we at Comprend ask analysts, investors and business journalists how they use corporate websites and social media when looking for information about listed companies. Included were questions about general company and press information, as well as information about reporting, share, IR, corporate governance and CSR.

This year, 341 stakeholders from 20 sectors, across 5 continents, participated in the Capital Market Survey. We present the results in the form of the Capital Market Report, which aims to help companies better communicate with their capital market stakeholders.

This year’s findings

Named contacts

One of the most important items to all capital market stakeholders was a named contact. Whether it be an investment or a press officer, capital market stakeholders want easy access to an actual person – with an email address and telephone number.

Transparency in financial information

This year’s most requested topics in the area of financial information included summaries of the company’s financial outlook, financial targets & achievements, as well as financial presentations from summits, AGMs etc​.

This data shows that capital market stakeholders are looking for hard facts and transparency about a company’s financial standing. They want to know a breakdown of goals and how those goals plan to be achieved.

Responsible tax policy as CSR

Interestingly, the most requested topics in CSR were anti-corruption (75%) and responsible tax policy (74%). The importance of these topics shows that stakeholders require companies to act responsibly – regardless of what country they operate in.

Tax policy is an area that the majority of companies have yet to consider providing information about, but shows that investors and journalists view tax evasion and responsible tax planning as an important area of CSR.


The full Capital Market Report is available as a digital report and PDF.

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